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Please join me for a relaxation session to the sound of singing bowls and gongs

Every Wednesday and Friday 7 till 8 p.m.

Relaxation session to the sound of singing bowls and gongs for mothers

24.05 and 26.05.2017  7 till 8 p.m

Podobny obraz

On Mother’s Day all mums are most welcome to join me for a calming sound healing session.

Mother’s Day Special Promotion: sound session – only 20 PLN plus singing bowls massage at 50% off!

Relaxation to the sound of singing bowls and gongs

03.05 and 04.05.2017  7 till 8 p.m.

It’s springtime!

The arrival of spring can make us feel slightly uncomfortable.

With the spring time blues at the tail end of winter we might feel tired, irritable and distracted. We tend to be more prone to infections and our usual ailments can suddenly get worse. Everyday hustle and bustle only adds to this and we might feel stressed and overwhelmed. Perhaps it is time to think about taking a break, calming down and meditating.

Sound healing is a form of intracellular massage. During the session, clients are subjected to the harmonious influence of sound waves, while lying down in comfortable positions. Relaxation promotes self-healing processes in our bodies and strengthens the immune, nervous, cardiovascular and digestive systems.

The exceptional sounds of singing bowls and gongs, restoring your inner harmony and providing a deep sense of relaxation, help us cope with stress and tension. Find some time to look after your well-being and let your heart speak to you.

Treat yourself to a relaxation session.

Evening sessions for adults and teenagers:

Duration: 60 min.

Price: 35PLN/person

Location and map in the CONTACT US section

To reserve a session call 728 725 648 or e-mail to: mana.studium@gmail.com

Join me for a journey of tranquillity for your mind and body!