Tibetan singing bowls massage

Payment in the centre by cash only.


First singing bowls massage at 30% off, 100PLN instead of 150PLN!

Next sound massage only 100PLN.

Series of 10 sound massages only 960PLN!

Sound massage for mothers-to-be – 100PLN!

Sound massage for students and pensioners – 80PLN!

Every seventh massage for FREE!

To book a session call 728 725 648 or email to: mana.studium@gmail.com

First session including an interview last 60 minutes and costs 150PLN
Next massage session (
45-50 min) –120PLN per session
Series of 10 sound massages –

Sound massage for expecting mothers – 120PLN

Special price for students and pensioners – 100PLN

Regular clients can book massage sessions at home.

Costs of at home sessions – 150PLN (in Warsaw) and 180PLN (within a 30km radius from Warsaw)