Relaxation sessions:


  • muscle tension;

  • neck pain;

  • back pain;

  • headaches;

  • insomnia;

  • tiredness and over-exhaustion;

  • long-term stress;

  • post-operative or post-injury scars;

  • broken bones, dislocations or sprains;

  • bone and joint pain;


  • first and third trimester of pregnancy;

  • haemorrhages;

  • paranoid schizophrenia;

  • use of psychoactive substances without medical supervision;


  • stimulate natural regeneration mechanisms;

  • calms, relaxes and improve concentration;

  • promote cell balance (balances out vibrations of healthy and diseased cells);

  • enhance vitality and immunity;

  • regulate metabolism;

  • balance out blood pressure, lowers heart rate and improves circulation;

  • relax, improve well-being and reduce tension;

  • boost creativity;

  • ease down physical and emotional strains, reduce anxiety;